Step 1: Hold the palm branch in your hand pointy side up.

Step 2: Fold the blade down at a 90 degree angle, to the right.

Step 3: Fold down again so it creates a triangle.

Step 4: Fold again so it becomes a small square.

Step 5: Fold the pointy end back behind the square so the pointy end is now pointing left.

Step 6: Fold the pointy end towards you and push through the square.

Step 7: Pull it all the way through so the pointy end now points right.

Step 8: Gently tug on both sides until it is locked in position.

Step 9: Fold the pointy end forward and push through the square leaving an inch or so on the right. You just made the top of your cross.

Step 10:Turn your branch 45 degrees so that the pointy end is now facing downward, and the wide end is facing to the right.

Step 11: Now flip the branch over so the wide end is now on your left (pointy side is still down).

Step 12: Take the wide end of the branch and fold it towards you. Push into the square.

Step 13:Pull it through until it reaches the same length as the head you previously made.

Step 14: Now flip your branch over so that the wide end faces left again

Step 15:Last, take the wide end, fold it towards you and push into the square until it’s about the same length as the other two parts. Tuck it into the square. 

You’re done!