Let Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union help you help your employees.  It’s EASY!

The financial well-being of your employees, members or students directly impacts your overall success. Help them boost their financial confidence through giving them access to a banking relationship that can connect them with financial products, services, and support.

Ocean Financial can provide this support through on-site seminars and one-on-one counseling on a variety of financial topics. Sharing this knowledge is free to you and your employees.

Participation by employees/members is completely voluntary, and becoming a SEG does not mean you are endorsing Ocean Financial over any other financial institution. Your business/organization and its employees/members are free to continue any existing relationships with other institutions.

Benefits to your company:

  • Employees receive an Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union membership at no-cost or liability to your organization.
  • An expanded benefits package to help attract and retain quality employees.
  • Employee lunch-and-learn sessions can be offered covering a wealth of financial education topics such as Identity Theft, Understanding Credit Reports, and Budgeting.
  • A dedicated representative for on-site enrollment, plus new hire orientations.
  • All supporting materials, including product brochures, membership packets, rate sheets, consumer loan packages, and flyers.
  • Support for benefit/wellness seminars, employee appreciation or “family day” events.

Benefits to your employees:

  • Ocean Financial is a member-owned cooperative.
  • A free checking account with direct deposit.
  • Lower rates, and fewer, lower fees, allowing us to return our profits directly back to our members.
  • Competitive rates on auto loans, mortgages, home equity lines of credit, personal loans, credit cards and recreational loans.
  • Convenient online and mobile banking. View accounts, move money and pay bills anytime – including remote deposit capture.
  • Immediate family members eligible for membership and membership benefits.
  • Access to our ATM and shared branching network, providing convenient, surcharge-free access to account funds.

Contact a representative today at (516) 453-6023 or fill in the form below to explore how Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union can be added as a no-cost benefit that helps your employees reach their financial goals.

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