Our members' financial well-being is at the heart of all we do at Ocean Financial, and part of that is protecting you from fraud and scams. We take your security seriously.

Ocean Financial will never contact you, either by phone, text or email to request personal information from you, such as account numbers, passwords, debit/credit card numbers, expiration dates or for your personal identification number (PIN).

Below is information on steps you can take to further protect yourself because an educated member is an empowered member.

Identity Theft
Identity Theft, figure with question mark
Learn what to do if your personal information has been compromised.
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Phishing, laptop icon with credit card with a fishing hook through it
How to recognize and avoid email and text message scams.
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Pay Yourself Scam
Pay Yourself Scam, smartphone with image of unknown person and question mark
Learn how to protect yourself from this scam.
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Online Shopping Scam
Online Shopping Scam, laptop screen with card and alert image
How to tell if a website or advertisement is illegitimate.
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Grandparent Scam
Grandparent Scam, illustration of grandparents with alerting smartphone between them

Protect yourself from scammers impersonating loved ones.

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Utility Shutoff Scam
Utility Shutoff Scam, alert graphic with utilities graphics around it
How to avoid being fooled by scammers posing as your utility companies.
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Juice Jacking
Juice Jacking, illustration of a smartphone charging with alert

Be cautious using free USB port charging stations.

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Romance Scam
Romance Scam, 2 smartphones with broken hearts
When looking for love, be sure to look for these scams, too!
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