Ocean Financial offers multiple ways to avoid overdrafts if you do not have the sufficient funds available in your account to cover a transaction. These options can cover checks, ATM withdrawals, point-of-sale purchases and other transactions. By using any of these options you can prevent the embarrassment or cost of a check being returned or a purchase being denied.

Savings: Automatically provided for all members, linking your savings and checking account together allows available funds to be transferred from your share account to your checking account automatically in the event that your checking has insufficient funds.

Line of Credit: Our Overdraft Line of Credit protects your checking accounts from going negative and/or Return of Payments and accruing fees. This is a fixed rate loan, with low monthly payment requirement. Please check our rate schedule for current rates.

  • Minimum loan amount $500
  • Maximum loan amount of $2,500
  • Payment based on balance and a 5-year term
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Visa Credit Card:
This option is available only for those who have an OFFCU Visa Credit Card and provides for a cash advance to your share draft account in the event of an overdraft. No fee is imposed for this service but cash advances are added to your VISA Credit Card balance and must be paid back in accordance with your VISA agreement. You will be charged interest at the rate associated with your VISA Credit Card.

Don’t have an Ocean Financial VISA Credit Card? Learn more about our low rates and very favorable terms.

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Courtesy Pay:
For members in good standing, Ocean Financial may allow checks, ATM withdrawals and point-of-sale purchases to be paid even when account funds are insufficient. The acceptance of these payments will cause your share draft account to become negative. Members are then required to bring their accounts current within 30 days.

Members must opt in for Courtesy Pay. To learn more, speak with a Member Contact Rep at 516-620-8100.

There may be fees associated with these overdraft options. For a full listing of fees, see our fee schedule.