Protect and manage your Ocean Financial Visa® Credit and Debit cards with CardValet.

CardValet is a smartphone app that helps you manage your finances by controlling how, when and where cards are used through your mobile device.

With CardValet you can:

  • Turn your card on and off
  • Stick to your personal budget by setting a threshold spending amount on your card
  • Set up exactly where your card can, and can’t, be used by a specific location or merchant type (department store, gas station, grocery store, etc.)
  • Review balances and transactions
  • See your aggregate monthly spending total – this will display the cumulative spending amount on your specified card for the current month.

Questions? Check out the CardValet Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on CardValet, watch the video below:

man looking at CardValet on his smartphone

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CardValet is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates.