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Welcome to America Saves Week!

America Saves Week is a time-honored event encouraging all Americans to pledge to set goals and make a plan to achieve better financial stability and confidence.

Financial confidence is the intersection of building a savings habit, knowing what resources you have available to support your financial stability, and taking advantage of those resources as needed. Financial confidence goes beyond financial literacy, education, and the amount that’s in your bank account.

We all have unique circumstances, and even if you are in a scenario that makes it difficult or impossible to save at this moment — you are committed to doing the work, taking control of your finances, and becoming more financially stable. Click here to understand how to create a positive relationship with your money.
Everyday this week our friends at America Saves, an organization dedicated to helping build financial confidence, is providing our members with tools to further your financial confidence. Click on the following to start your journey now!

DAY 1 | Saving Automatically
America Saves Day 1 Saving Automatically, young woman on couch

The most simple & effective way to save is to set up automatic savings

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Day 2 | Saving for the Unexpected
Day 2 Saving for the unexpected, young boy in car

Short-term savings is essential boosts stability and financial confidence.

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Day 3 | Saving for Major Milestones
Day 3 Saving for Milestones, young man with box

How do you save for so many things at once?

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DAY 4 | Paying Down Debt is Saving
Day 4 Paying Down Debt is Saving, man with young girl sitting on his shoulders

When you make the decision to pay down debt you are saving!

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Day 5 | Saving at Any Age
Day 5 Saving at Any Age, dad hugging and kissing daughter

Saving is a life-long skill.

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Take the Pledge!
Take-the-Pledge, two women looking at smartphone smiling with coffee mugs
You are twice as likely to save successfully if you have a plan. Start your savings journey.