SBA Paycheck Protection Program

We have received a number of calls and inquires regarding the much publicized SBA Paycheck Protection Program. We have been in direct contact with SBA officials, including the local Long Island District offices.

At this time, there have not yet been procedures put in place to process these requests. In fact, currently, we are not clear as to what our role will be in that process.

We have been responding to inquiries, sharing what information we have and compiling a list of small businesses and parishes we will reach out to directly once we have more information regarding how we can help you proceed.

In the meantime, we will do all we can to support you as you navigate through the challenges you are currently facing.

Below is a link to a site the SBA shared with us as a result of our inquires:
Payment Protection program (PPP)

You can also send us an email at or call Joe Tedesco at 516-620-8006 to ensure we contact you directly as we learn more.