Our Member Telephone System is Being Disabled

As of Thursday, December 1, our Member Telephone System (MTS) will no longer be supported by our partner and we will be required to disable the system.

We recognize that some members may have used the MTS in the past to check balances, pay loans, or conduct member-to-member transfers and we want to make this transition as easy as possible.

There are other ways! 

If you used the MTS to check account balances, you can download the Mobile Banking app, where you can use the Instant Balance feature on the log-in screen.  You can also speak with a Member Service Rep during business hours to get your account balances.

We offer several alternatives for you to transfer funds as needed:

  1. Set up automatic transfers to send funds to other memberships or pay a loan.
  2. Use Online or Mobile Banking to transfer between your own accounts.
  3. Speak with a Member Service Rep to request a single transfer of funds to another membership.
  4. Use Zelle® to send money to or request money from another individual.

Thank you for your patience as we make this transition away from the MTS.  We hope you find one of the alternatives to be an easier and more convenient way to make your transfers and check your balances.