On January 18, 2017, Oceanside Christopher became Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union. We are still the Financial Guardian Angel you can trust.

We’re changing our name but not our commitment to you. Since 1969, we’ve been the financial institution that puts people first. And as Ocean Financial, we remain just that. With a foundation rooted in our Catholic faith, our deep respect for the people we serve – and the lives we touch – drives everything we do, making this a great place to bank and a generous contributor to our community.

Rebranding Oceanside Christopher Federal Credit Union is important to the evolution and growth of the credit union.

In 2014, when we brought the Diocese of Rockville Centre into our field of membership, Oceanside Christopher had the opportunity to grow and reach out to Catholics within the Diocese. We discovered that there were a lot of Catholics who were not aware of Oceanside Christopher and the products and services we provide. When Oceanside Christopher FCU was discussed, focus groups didn’t think it was something available to anyone outside of the Oceanside vicinity.

By changing our name and logo, we can expand our reach outside of Oceanside and spread awareness of who and what we are. Rebranding will help us to reach outside of our comfort zone and attract new members across the Diocese.

The name that we have chosen is Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union. It is a contemporary take on our existing name that speaks to our community roots without being geographically limiting. By including Financial in the name, when shortened as is often done, Ocean Financial still acquaints people with what is done here.

The tagline chosen is Catholic Values You Can Bank On. The tagline is meant to communicate our purpose and difference from the beginning.

  • Purpose: Banking/financial institution
  • Difference: Catholic

One of the final pieces of a logo change is the image we have chosen to use.

  • Shield: Financial Guardian Angel
  • Cross within the shield: The Catholic Credit Union

Each piece of the logo can stand alone; but together they create a brand that we can be proud of.

See the difference our values can make to your banking… and your life.